The Fragrance of Grass - 1st Edition


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Guy de la Valdéne, hardcover, first edition

An ode to one man's enduring love affair with hunting, The Fragrance of Grass stands as a testament to Guy de la Valdéne's deep affection for and abiding respect of the natural work and all its inhabitants. Set in places as far afield as France and Montana, Saskatchewan and Florida, this beautifully written memoir is a treatise on dogs, birds, and wildlife; food, wine, and women.The Fragrance of Grass is suffused with Valdéne's appreciation for and understanding of natural history along with his vast knowledge of centuries-old hunting traditions. It is a walk through the decades of memories of fields and birds, friends and dogs that will be treasured by all true sportsmen.

An extremely difficult volume to locate in hardcover, much less a first edition.

Unread, excellent condition. 1 cm tear to dust jacket top spine.


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