Cooling Polo Shirt


It's our popular polo shirt, but a lot COOLER. We constructed the shirt out of cooling fabric, designed to keep you even more comfortable in extreme heat. And once you feel this fabric, you'll never wear another shirt again.

Our Cooling Yarn absorbs heat slowly, but rapidly transfers it away from your skin. Effectively lowering fabric temperature and wicking away moisture, it helps your body stay cool, dry, and comfortable. And like our original polo, it has 4-way stretch, is quick drying, lightweight, and breathable. 

Now available in Camo and Desert Sand. Beat the heat, and get your limit. 


Dove season marks the start of a hunter’s favorite time of year. The hot September days out in the field. Filling limits, laughing with friends, then heading back to camp to for dove on the grill, a cold beer, and football on the television. Outfit youself with the Cordia polo and head to the fields. The dove are waiting.

Beat the Heat

If there's a perfect summer shirt, this is it. Our original polo leads the market in breathability. But our new Cooling Polo is even better. We sourced cutting edge fabric technology that resists rising temperatures, while rapidly releasing heat from the yarns and away from the body. This leads to cooler fabric. And a cooler, happier customer. 

Don't Sweat It

The cooling yarns also help wick moisture away from your body, and the fabric dries even faster than before. Perfect for the dead of summer, and early dove season. Keeping you dry in the field, even when you work up a sweat. 

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